Introducing the all-new Hilti Ferroscan PS 300

A new generation of intelligent detection tools is revolutionising the world of structural analysis. These tools can simplify detection tasks and offer improved success rates both on-site and in the office. Just one of these tools and a real step ahead of its already-excellent predecessor, the Hilti Ferroscan PS 250, the Hilti Ferroscan PS 300 is the pinnacle of concrete scanning technology.

At Perry Testing, we’re one of the first concrete scanning and structural investigation specialists to have access to this amazing new scanning tool!

Using the Hilti Ferroscan PS 300, we’re able to see objects hidden deep within concrete, viewing them in detail via the integrated 5” touchscreen, allowing our surveyors to complete a full structural survey or analysis in just one site visit. Data from the survey is then transferred to Hilti’s PROFIS detection software for further analysis. This data can also be used to generate reports within a wide variety of formats.

Instant, detailed concrete scans

In much the same way as its predecessor, The PS250, The Hilti Ferroscan PS 300 helps our surveyors locate reinforcement (or rebar) buried within concrete slabs, beams, columns and more. Such investigations could be required in order to ensure structural designs meet all vital specifications (such as withstanding dynamic loads, extreme temperatures etc.) or simply to avoid reinforcing bars during investigatory or engineering works.

Often during our clients’ projects, access can be extremely restricted with specialist access equipment being required. The live scan results made available by the PS 300 ensure that our teams get a complete view with full data integrity in advance of leaving site and before they return to the office for further analysis and reporting. The result? Less time on site and a reduced requirement for revisits.

Precise and accurate analysis for increased productivity

Using a large 5 sensor array, the Hilti Ferroscan PS 300 can collect multiple data points in just one scan and the 12.7cm sensor surface can capture a scan distance of up to 50m in just a single sweep. The Hilti Ferroscan PS 300 is an outstanding smart tool that delivers more reliable, wider ranging results in the quickest time possible. Powered by a standard Hilti 12V battery, this intelligent tool doesn’t feature any cables, so no need to compromise on reachability or versatility. 

Features and applications at a glance

  • A large sensor array allows our concrete specialists to scan quickly and easily over wide areas
  • We’re able to carry out on-the-spot structural analysis using the integrated rebar layout visuals in sectional and top view
  • We can provide accurate depth measurements for rebar either in real time (on site) or from the office using the tool’s smart algorithms
  • We can extract user-friendly, intuitive information directly from the device for use in structural analysis and reporting
  • In just a few short minutes, our team can analyse and verify the presence and/or measurements of the 1st layer of rebar
  • The advanced sensors of this incredible tool allow us to check large areas of concrete for structural repair work/integrity
  • We can use the PS300 for quality control and acceptance inspections
  • We can also use this revolutionary new device to produce assessment documents including stats and visual presentation in 2D/3D views of subsurface conditions within scan areas

Technical Features

  • Up to 7.8” depth rebar detection
  • Up to 4.7” precise size determination
  • Rebar depth measurement accuracy +/- 1/16″ at 2″
  • Spacing and cover ratio limitation 1.2:1
  • 1.5 ft./s maximum scanning speed
  • Maximum detection depth for object localisation – 200mm
  • Localisation accuracy – 1%+/-3mm
  • Data memory scanner – 200 scans
  • Working temperature -10 – 50 °C

The PROFIS detection software that pairs to the PS300 allows our surveyors and processing teams to analyse the data that they captured on site, letting them filter visible details, export statistics with annotations, compare scan data and present model locations. The technology also allows our team to export 2D and 3D images of reinforcement with these being used to bolster official engineering reports and even your CAD/BIM models.

Reliable structural analysis in record time

Thanks to the advanced capabilities of this incredible tool, Perry Testing’s concrete scanning team can build a ‘master scan’ in just a few minutes with real-time data results presented via the intuitive, user-friendly interface. Our clients receive their project critical data quicker than ever before thanks to our ability to document full scan data in a single site visit. With the Hilti Ferroscan PS 300, our concrete scanning teams can now access diameter, cover depth and spacing of reinforcement down to 200mm (conditions allowing) on-site with all data stored for later use.

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