Laboratory testing of concrete and soils carried out in UKAS accredited laboratories

As a highly respected structural investigation firm, every year we take over 1,000 samples from construction and civil sites throughout the UK. It’s no wonder, therefore, that we also provide a comprehensive laboratory testing service. Analysing both concrete and soils, we work hand in hand with our network of UKAS-accredited partner laboratories to analyse our clients’ sites, providing data essential for their engineering projects.



As experienced engineers ourselves, we’re only too aware of the importance of getting the information your projects demand in a timely and user-friendly fashion. By default, therefore, we back our intrusive and laboratory testing services up with concise, genuinely informative reports, enabling our clients to interpret their test results quickly and easily.

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    Laboratory Testing services

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    • Concrete core samples need to have a 1:1 diameter to length ratio.

    • We aim to provide these results within 5 working days.

    • The diameter of a concrete core needs to be at least 1.5 times the nominal aggregate size.

    • Yes, we can perform a a structural repair where the core was extracted.

    • Yes, extracting a core sample will create noise. That said, we will always do our best to be flexible, avoiding certain times of day upon request. Alternatively, we can provide a quote for out of hours working where necessary.

    • We're based in Watford in Hertfordshire, not far from London, but we regularly travel throughout the UK including Bedfordshire, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire and Surrey to support our clients.

    • Whilst every project is different, we charge based on a competitive day rate. Simply get in touch for a tailored quotation.

    • Many of our clients are initially unsure as to exactly what type of testing is needed to capture the information their projects require. If that sounds like you, just get in touch and a member of our team will advise on the most appropriate and cost-effective approach to take.

    • Absolutely. Whilst the majority of our works are carried out during normal working hours between Monday and Friday, we understand that this won't be possible for every client. That's why we offer an out of hours and weekend working service available upon request.

    • On the whole, our lead time for site work is between 1-2 weeks from receipt of an instruction. That said, we completely understand that some projects require a more immediate response and will always do our best to accommodate urgent requests.

    • Yes. All of our engineers are trained to work at height with PASMA and IPAF certification. We can also bring any necessary access equipment with us - such as a tower or MEWP - as necessary.

    • Yes. We have a number of highly experienced engineers who have confined space training.

    • Whilst this can vary due to nature of each individual project, we typically aim to deliver our reports within 10 working days of the site work having been completed.

    Why choose Perry Testing?

    Time served professionals

    Every one of our engineers and technicians has at least 10 years' experience in structural investigation, scanning and materials testing.

    Easy-to-read, concise reports

    Our beautifully formatted reports are delivered promptly whilst getting straight to the point, providing the data you need direct to your inbox.

    Professional, friendly staff

    We take pride in the professionalism and attitude of our staff. From first contact to reporting, we'll treat you as we'd like to be treated ourselves.

    Proven track record

    Every year, we complete hundreds of projects for a truly loyal client base, firms that return time after time, confident in the service they'll receive.

    Nationwide service

    Our teams travel the length and breadth of the UK, delivering structural investigation and testing services on a truly diverse range of sites.

    Reduced risk and costs

    Using the very latest technology and techniques, we help reduce unexpected costs, keeping your team, project and organisation safe in the process.

    Concrete Testing

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    One of the UK’s most respected concrete testing firms, we work with hundreds of firms within the construction and civil engineering sectors, analysing their concrete structures, providing much-needed data to educate their projects.

    Below you’ll find a list of our most popular laboratory-based concrete testing services. If you can’t find the test you’re looking for or are unsure of the service you require, however, why not get in touch?

    • Compressive Strength of Blocks BS 6073-1/2:1981 Appendix B
    • Compressive Strength of Mortar Cubes BS 4551-1 Method 12.4
    • Compressive Strength of Blocks BS 6717-1:1993
    • Compressive Strength of Clay Bricks BS 3921
    • Block Density and Concrete Density BS 6073-2:1981 App C
    • Capillary Absorption Test BS 1217 Annex A
    • Compressive Strength of Concrete Cube BS EN 12390-3
    • Combined Compressive Strength of Concrete Cube BS EN 12390-3 & Density BS EN 12390-7 (by displacement)
    • Concrete Core Compressive Strength BS EN 12504-1
    • Density of Hardened Concrete (by dimensions) BS EN 12390-7:2009
    • Penetration of Water Under Pressure on Concrete EN 12390-8
    • Flexural Test on Concrete Beams EN 12390-5:2009
    • Compressive Strength of Concrete Cylinders ASTM C1231
    • Fresh Concrete Density BS EN 12350-6
    • Aggregate Cement Ratio (cement content)
    • Presence of HAC
    • Chloride Content
    • Sulfate Content
    • Sulfide Content
    • Alkalis
    • Capillary Porosity
    • Original Water Cement Ratio
    • Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR)
    • Petrographic Analysis

    Soils Testing

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    A leading soil testing company working throughout the UK, we add genuine value to our clients’ projects, providing them with the critical test data their projects so desperately need.

    Below you’ll find a list of our most popular laboratory-based soil testing services. If you can’t find the test you’re looking for or are unsure of the service you require, why not get in touch?

    • Ten Percent Fines Value BS 812-111:1990
    • Aggregate Impact Value BS 812-112:1990
    • Horizontal Permeability of Drainage Layers to DTpHA41:1990
    • Polished Stone Value BS EN 1097-8
    • Bulk and Oven Dry Density Miscellaneous Materials
    • Los Angeles Coefficient BS EN 1097-2
    • Los Angeles Coefficient BS EN 1097-2 Annex A for Rail Ballast
    • Particle Size Distribution BS EN 933-1
    • Flakiness Index Test BS EN 933-3
    • Bulk Density Test BS EN 1097-3
    • Water Content EN 1097-5
    • Drying Shrinkage of Aggregate BS EN 1367-4
    • Magnesium Sulphate Test BS EN 1367-2
    • Crushed and Broken Surfaces BS EN 933-5
    • Aggregate Abrasion Value BS EN 1097-2
    • Constituent Materials in Recycled Aggregate & Recycled Concrete Aggregate SHW Cl 710
    • California Bearing Ratio / Immediate Bearing Index Test Data EN 13286-47
    • California Bearing Ratio / Immediate Bearing Index Linear Swelling Data EN 13286-47
    • MCV EN 13286-46
    • Determination of Liquid and Plastic Limit BS 1377-2 : 1990
    • Lab Compaction Test BS 1377-4:1990 Method 3.3/3.4/3.5/3.6
    • Consolidation Test BS 1377-5:1990
    • CBR BS 1377-4:1990 Method 7
    • CBR Test Soaking Data BS 1377-4:1990
    • Method 7 / BS 1924-2:1990 Method 4.5
    • Vibrating Hammer Compaction Test BS 1377-4:1990 Method 3.7
    • Saturation Moisture Content of Chalk BS 1377-2:1990
    • Permeability (Constant Head) BS 1377-5:1990 Test 5
    • MCV BS 1377-4:1990 Method 5.4 / 5.5
    • MCV-MC Relationship Method 5.5
    • PSD (Hydrometer Sedimentation) BS 1377-2:1990 Test 9.5
    • Particle Density BS 1377-2:1990 Method 8.2/8.3/8.4
    • Moisture Content BS 1377-2 Method 3.2 / BS 812-109 Method 6
    • 38mm Quick Undrained Triaxial Compression Test BS 1377-7:1990 Test 8
    • 105mm Quick Undrained Triaxial Compression Test BS 1377-7:1990 Test 8/9
    • Triaxial Permeability Test BS 1377-6:1990 / In-house P1-398
    • Particle Size Distribution BS 1377-2:1990 Method 9.2/9.3
    • PSD (Pipette Analysis) BS 1377-2: 1990 Test 9.4
    • Casagrande Liquid Limit BS 1377-2: 1990

    "Perry Testing are more than just another surveying company, they provide modern solutions to real problems. Always a pleasure to work with them."

    — Ben Joshua, Senior Engineer, Keltbray

    "We have engaged Perry Testing on a range and number of projects to provide scanning, sampling, and testing and always found them responsive and their reports to be high quality and informative. I would highly recommend them."

    — Malcolm Brady, Director, MBP

    "I have worked with Perry Testing Limited on several projects over the past 3 or 4 years, and they have always responded to our requests at very short notice, providing a professional, expert service every time."

    — Ben White, Managing Quantity Surveyor, United Living

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