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Welcome to Perry Testing Limited. Established in 2014, we are a group of experienced engineers using advanced scanning technology to offer our clients invaluable information about their construction projects. A reactive company, we pride ourselves on the efficient turnaround of our reports and the high quality of our results.


Working with concrete can often pose hidden dangers, PTL uses a range of tests to help our customers have a better understanding of the materials they are working with to help prevent problems occurring. Knowing the precise location of rebar, post tension cables and embedded utilities is critical for operator and public safety. PTL are a specialist, highly experienced team of engineers who use a comprehensive range of non-destructive tests to provide invaluable information to our clients.

Using high resolution concrete scanning PTL can present clients with a detailed view of what is within the concrete to provide up to date and accurate results. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scanning is used to yield real time results which are not possible using traditional radiographic methods. PTL can offer fast and efficient structural inspection of slabs, floors, ceilings, column, roofs, pylons and lots more using this simple and efficient ground investigation technique.

Furthermore, we use scanning technology to identify reinforcement and defects in existing structures so that our clients know how they will behave if changed. We also help our clients to ensure that the construction materials they are using are fit for purpose. We produce detailed, analytical reports which are used to support key decisions on construction projects of all sizes.

At PTL we use Ferroscan technology to carry out effective reinforcement detection and imaging within concrete. Ferroscan enables detected reinforcing bars to be viewed in a longitudinal section and provides accurate estimates of the bar’s diameter. This information is then downloaded onto our computer systems for further analysis and interpretation which is followed by an accessible printed output for the client using Ferroscan’s specialist software.

PTL can also help with road side design by estimating the bearing value and mechanical strength of terrain. As a soil testing company, we use CBR Plate bearings tests to penetrate the ground with a plate to test the soil. PTL also provides plate load tests in order to assess the loading capacity of the terrain (how much load the ground is able to withstand) further helping our customers prepare for construction, loading or lifting operations. Additionally, PTL offer specialist slip testing and can conduct slip resistance tests which can help to determine the safety of public footways.

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  • Thanks for your help yesterday very good service and much appreciated.

  • Thanks for all your hard work, I’m sure that project would not have run as smoothly as it did without you there, looking after the clients ever changing demands, so competently and professionally.

  • Thanks for your support at Paddington, the scanning service you provided was invaluable to the design progression.

  • Thank you PTL for turning round the report so quickly so that we can move on installing the structural steel work. We got exactly the information we needed.

    Emma Project Manager


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