Slip Resistance Test

Our structural testing service really does cover all bases, from Slip Resistance Testing to Pull out Testing and Concrete Assessment Surveys. Whatever you need, Perry Testing Ltd can provide it. It’s important to get it right, as problems such as slip and skid hazards can be costly for businesses.

As well as testing the finished product to ensure it is suitable for the job, we can test the levels of humidity, the screed soundness and load test the surfaces before final floorings are laid, for example, or jobs get signed off.

We can also locate defects using our Ultrasonic testing and provide detailed reports on areas of concern, including potential solutions. Additionally, where bonding of two elements has taken place, our Pull Off and Pull Out testing procedures can check the integrity of the joints.   

Perry Testing Ltd can also carry out a comprehensive range of materials testing, from concrete to brick to asphalt. We use sophisticated and highly accurate tests, such as the Schmidt Hammer Survey, Diamond Drilling and Dust Sampling, and the Alkali-Silica reaction to carry out comprehensive tests.

Further details of all the testing processes we use are below. If you need any help, or don’t see what you’re after, give us a call and one of our experienced engineers will be more than happy to assist you.  

Slip Testing

Screed Soundness Test

The BRE Screed Test is designed to measure the soundness of a sand and cement floor screed. Either a 2Kg or 4Kg weight is dropped onto the screed, the indentation is then measured. We can interpret the results depending on the class of screed and highlight any suspect areas. The areas can then either be remediated or further testing carried out.

Relative Humidity Test

Relative Humidity tests can be carried out on either screed or concrete surfaces to ensure they are sufficiently dry to receive the selected floor covering. This will save time and money spent on applying a surface DPM.

Load Testing

Perry Testing Limited can carry out load testing on slabs, balconies, balustrades, lifts and lifting beams amongst others. We will apply the test load with hydraulic rams or test weights, continuously monitor defection over a specified time period and then issue a report with our findings.

Ultrasonic Testing (Pundit)

We can use ultrasonic testing to find and locate defects in concrete structures such as cracks and voids. Our engineers can record crack depths and find honeycombing in concrete structures. We use cutting edge techniques and equipment that allows us to quickly and accurately detect defects. We can produce detailed drawings and reports highlighting any areas of concern.

Pull Off Test

We can carry out pull off tests to determine the tensile bond between two materials. It is often used to test the bond between layers of sprayed concrete or render coatings.

Plate bearing test

Pull Out Test

We can carry out tensile and shear tests on a variety of structural fixings. We can tensile test RE bar, threaded bar and most structural fixings. We have an array of kit and specially manufactured coupling systems that allow us to test in any type of scenario.

Schmidt Hammer Survey

We carry out Schmidt (rebound) Hammer Surveys; they are a great way of accessing low compressive strength results and identifying any suspect areas. We can then compare the suspect areas to areas of known good concrete on site.

Sampling of Hardened Materials by Diamond Drilling and Dust Sampling

We have experienced drillers who are capable of taking samples from any location; from concrete frame structures to asphalt roads and bridges. We can Diamond Drill into Concrete, Brick and Asphalt and recover the samples so that we can perform a wide selection of lab tests from compressive strength to detailed logging. Please contact us for further detail.

Ground penetrating radar

Concrete Assessment Survey

Perry Testing Limited can carry out a wide selection of in-situ testing on concrete structures. In addition to the tests listed above, we can also carry out:

  • Cover Meter Surveys
  • Carbonation Test
  • Cement Content
  • Chloride Test
  • Alkali-silica reaction (ASR)
  • Sulphate
  • Presence of HAC
  • Concrete Resistivity
  • Rebound Hammer Survey
  • Tap Hammer/Delamination Survey

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